Travis has been an employee with planet ink studios for the last 8 years, and is one of the three senior employees with the company. He embarked on his career in the industry in 2002 where he was employed as a part time sterilization technician and needle assembler. After excelling in his first position he was quickly given the role and front man receptionist for Planet Inks main location. For the next year he continued with salesman side of the business and was made a tattoo apprentice when he turned 19 under the supervision of senior tattoo artist and co owner Jimmi Roberts.

He picked up the fundamentals of tattooing very quickly with great ease and enthusiasm. He has been a full time tattoo artist with planet ink studios ever since.

Travis enjoys doing almost all styles of modern tattooing and is very in touch with today’s sub culture and art side of the business. His greatest passion is doing any tattoo, which consists of a combination of modern style mixed with old school attributes and patriotic symbolism. He is always open to a challenge but is the first person to tell the client if he is not capable of fulfilling their tattoo needs and requests. Travis is a firm supporter of the planet ink code….. best man for the job.